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Gas Free Certification on Ships (Marine Chemist)

Industrial Site Monitoring

(As per Department of the Environment Requirements)
(Professional Chemist's Services)


Confined Space Entry Certification

Hot Work Certification

Air Quality Evaluation  (including Chemical and Biological Testing)

Industrial Site Monitoring  ( as per Department of Environment Requirements)

Sampling and Analysis of Soil, Water and other material

Design of Waste Management Systems


   We provide a service to industrial customers where we will conduct routine (or special) environmental monitoring as required for Department of the Environment compliance.

                    This service includes:

                    *    Determining the needs of the client under the monitoring requirements

                    *    Collecting required samples at determined intervals

                    *    Arranging for sample analysis as required

                    *    Preparing a report that meets the needs of the client and the regulatory body.


   Cost for this service will vary depending on the needs of the client and the regulatory body.

   A quotation can be provided once the clients needs are determined.

                    For further information contact  W. J. (Jim ) Frazee, M.Sc., P.Chem.