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E & Q Consulting Limited is the Canadian Distributor for

Superstring MBR Technology, Corp


Superstring Membrane


Membrane Bioreactor Technology


     Membrane Bioreactor Technology has been in use since 1998.  The principle of operation is quite simple.  Waste water containing bio-organic materials is digested in the bioreactor much like a common second stage sewage treatment pond, but with large amounts of fine air bubbles passing through the waste water in the reactor.  This increases the rate of aerobic biological activity.  The most important part of the membrane Bioreactors is the membrane.  It filters sediment, bacteria and even some large molecules.  The more effective the filtration the cleaner the effluent.  The Superstring Membranes has a very efficient filtration ability.  It will prevent the passage of all sediment, all bacteria and all large molecules.  Typical results for waste water in a Superstring Membrane Bioreactor are:

Influent Effluent

Bacteria & Virus


<1 CFU/100 mL

Chemical Oxygen Demand  (COD)

100-500 mg/L

<5 mg/L

Suspended Solids

100-200 mg/L

<2 mg/L


40 NTU

<1 NTU


20-50 mg/L

<5 mg/L

 Membranes Can Remove Wide Range of Pathogens


Superstring MBR Technology, Corp's

SuperUF Membrane Units are ideally suited for Membrane Bioreactor Systems

The diagram below demonstrates how the SuperUF-20 Module can be used to treat Waste water or used to produce potable water from appropriate sources.


     Superstring Membrane Bioreactors requires less maintenance than other similar technology.  The materials and technology used in the manufacture of the Superstring Membranes inhibits surface fouling and the aeration system continuously cleans the surface of the membranes.  The materials and technology used in the manufacturing of Superstring Membranes also give them higher mechanical strength than other similar membranes.  This allows for a longer life for the membranes.

Advantages of Superstring Membrane Reactor Technology. 

1. Single Stage Waste Water Treatment.

2. Requites Less Space

3. High Flow System

4. Very High Quality Effluent

5. Low Maintenance

6. Low Operating Cost


Superstring Membrane Units come in various sizes


Below is a table of the most popular units.  For large systems banks of units are used.


Module SuperUF-10 SuperUF-20 SuperUF-30 SuperUF-40
Flow m3/hr (US gal/min) 0.5 - 1.0 (2.2 -4.4) 1 -2 (4.4 - 8.8) 1.5 - 3 (6.6 13.2) 2 - 4 (8.8 - 17.6)
# of Membrane Units 10 20 30 40
Size (L  X  W X  H)(cm) 77 X 33 X 114 77 X 70 X 114 77 X 110 X 114 77 X 200 X 114